Orange Pomanders

The spicy, citrus scent of a pomander is perfect for this time of year and they are so easy to make! We gathered the winery kids and had them create these pomanders for us. By using items you probably already have at home, you can make a pomander to fill you house with holiday scent naturally.


  • Oranges
  • Cloves
  • String or Ribbon to hang them by


  • Poke cloves into the skin of the orange (use something sharp to make the hole first if this is too tough)
  • Use an elastic band to help you make straight lines
  • Once you are happy with the number of cloves and the design, tie a ribbon around your pomander
  • Hang in any room you would like to experience the fresh, spicy scent (We recommend the kitchen or bathroom)
Hot Cross Buns Design

Hot Cross Buns Design

Happy Face Design

Happy Face Design

Rustic Design

Rustic Design

Christmas in SE Kelowna

The crisp, cold air and frosty mornings are sure signs that winter is coming. It also means that festive events are just around the corner! South East Kelowna has many excellent holiday events, perfect for experiencing what the local businesses have to offer and for picking up a few unique gifts for loved ones. While you're out and about, stop in at Meadow Vista for a tasting and a bottle of wine or two. 

Winter Wine®land at the Fab 5 Wineries
When: November 22nd   12-4pm
Where: The Fab 5 Wineries in South Kelowna
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Glenmore Christmas Artisan Fair
When: November 22nd  9am-3pm
Where: Glenmore Elementary School
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Bottega Christmas Market and Art Show
When: November 29th and Decemeber 1st  11am-5pm
Where: Bo.ttega Farm Inn & Studio
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Arion Therapeutic Farm Winter Wonderland
When: December 7th  10am-4pm
Where: Arion Therapeutic Farm
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Lavender Herb Farm Christmas Fair
When: December 13th and 14th  11am-5pm
Where: Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm
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Styles of Mead

Mead, from Old English "meodu" is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of honey and water and the possible addition of fruits, flowers, herbs, spices and or grains. Once a recipe of ingredients is created, the mead will fall into a "mead variety" or "style". You can imagine the room for creativity is endless! At Meadow Vista Honey Wines, we produce several different styles of mead as well as still and sparkling versions. 

Traditional or Show Mead

This style is made with only honey, water and fermentation. This allows the flavours of the honey to really come through. We make two traditional styles, Cloud Horse is a dry, crisp, still honey wine made with blueberry honey. Joy  is a method traditional. A traditional style mead that has undergone a secondary fermentation in the bottle, similar to how Champagne is mead. Also dry and crop but with tiny bubble that sparkle joyfully. Both Cloud Horse and Joy pair beautifully with a variety of flavours from fresh oysters, to herbed chicken, to spicy curry dishes.


This style of honey wine has spices added to it to flavour the wine. Any combination of spices can be used resulting in a wide range of flavours in this category. We call our metheglin style Mabon. Here we use cinnamon, cardamom, coriander and nutmeg to create a warm and spicy mead. Serve chilled or gently warmed, Mabon pairs well with Greek salad, red meats and dished spiced with similar flavours.


Honey wines with the addition of fruits are melomels (with the exception of apples and grapes). Peaches, strawberries and blackberries are just a few of the many fruits that are used to create the melomels currently on the market. Meadow Vista currently process three melomels: Bliss, our sparkling cherry honey wine and Libra, a light dessert-style honey wine with the addition of apricots. Rubus our blackberry mead will be released this Fall.


Pyment style mead has had grapes added to it. This can be in the form of whole fruit, fresh juice or fermented juice blended into the fermented/fermenting honey wine. Both red and white grapes can be used, creating different colours as well as flavour and aromas. Ostara is our pyment style, made with the addition of late harvest Pinot Gris grapes. The late harvest grapes give Ostara  an aromatic nose and delicate sweetness that is less sticky or cloying than dessert grape wines. Pairing well with white meats and fish, strong cheeses and dark chocolate.

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The Meadow Vista Portfolio

The Meadow Vista Portfolio

Bottles of Joy


Joy is our methode traditionelle  honey wine that is beverage eco-concious champagne drinkers choose to celebrate their special occasions. We sold out of Joy a few months ago but a new batch is on the way! This weekend we put the new Joy into bottles to undergo its second fermentation-this is what makes it bubbly and give it the flavour that has become so popular. 

The wine will remain in the bottles in the Cellar for several months, watched carefully by our Winemaker to ensure the process is going as planned. Once this is complete the final stages of the process will occur to ensure the clarity and flavour we desire. The finishing closures will be put on and it will then be ready to drink! This process is time consuming and labour intensive so we can only make a limited amount of Joy every year. This batch will be ready this Fall, just in time for Christmas and New Years!

Joy is perfect for celebrating holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and of course, weddings! The term "Honeymoon" refers to the ancient times when a new couple was given mead to enjoy together on their wedding night, making honey wine an excellent beverage to toast to a new couple.

Do you love Joy and want to be sure you get some of this latest batch? Do you want to include Joy in a celebration this winter? We are taking a limited amount of pre-release sales for cases of Joy, if you want to be sure you get some fill out the online request or contact us at or 250.862.2337.

Encaustic - An Ancient Art Medium

"Enkaustikos" was a term used by the ancient Greeks meaning to "burn in", and referred to the fusing of layers of wax with the addition of heat to a substrate. Encaustic, or melted wax, was first used over 5000 years ago to seal ships, and later pigments were added to the wax as a paint for decorative purposes.




The oldest existing encaustic relics - Egyptian funeral portraits - date back over two millennia. These stunning, realistic paintings were attached to mummy cases to commemorate the deceased. Due to the chemical structure of the wax, these pieces have been preserved in near perfect condition even after thousands of years.





Recently there has been a resurgence in the use of encaustic as an art medium due to the commercial production and availability of paints. The versatility of beeswax when combined with heat, resin, and pigments, gives it a unique quality desirable for artists. Sculptural and painterly, encaustic can be used to create a wide variety of art forms, and is often used as a means of relaxation and therapy.

Earth Day

Holidays are a special time. They are often an excuse to visit missed loved ones, indulge in treats, or take much needed rest from the daily grind. Holidays can also be a time to pay attention to important things we forget about in our day to day lives.

Earth Day is one of those special days, too. As a secular "holiday", it is an opportunity to remind ourselves how exquisite and fragile our planet is, and to remember the important role each of us play in protecting and nourishing it.

This Earth Day is a chance to learn, to appreciate, and to act. Consider some of the following when making the most of this special day.

Did you know, cross-pollination from bees assists at least 30% of crops and 90% of the world's wild flower population to flourish?

Did you know, cross-pollination from bees assists at least 30% of crops and 90% of the world's wild flower population to flourish?

Get outside - Take your lunch break and go for a walk. Enjoy a family bike ride after dinner. Get out in the garden and start planting your seeds. Breathe in the fresh air that sustains and nourishes us everyday.

Be present - The most powerful way to show your appreciation and love is to pay attention. Take a moment today - and everyday - to stop your busy-ness and look around you. Notice the trill of the birds, the soft breeze on your face, the warmth from the sun.

Get educated - Increase your awareness by talking to teachers, scientists, or environmental experts. Many may host seminars or workshops in your area. If you have children, teach them about how their attitude and actions can make a big, positive impact on the planet.

Commit to one small change - Change comes one step at a time, and small changes tend to stick more than big, dramatic promises. Try somethings simple: buy a travel mug for your favorite coffee or tea, bike to work one day a week, or put your reusable grocery bags in the car so you remember to use them.

Think global, act local - The earth is a living organism, interconnected from one hemisphere to the other. Our actions affect everything from the soil to the sky, but it starts where you stand. Get connected to your community. Eat a locally-sourced meal. Find an initiative in your neighborhood that allows you to feel authentically intertwined with the wonderful world around you.

And don't forget to thank the bees for all they do to keep this planet blooming!

Happy Earth Day!!!


Pre-Opening Photo Journal : A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Our New Artisan Farm Winery Coming Soon

Outdoor harvest dinner to celebrate our new farm location with family & friends...

Bliss wins 1st place at BC Beekeeper's Assoc. AGM! 

Libra wins 2nd place at BC Beekeeper's Assoc. AGM! 

Mabon wins 1st place at BC Beekeeper's Assoc. AGM! 

60,000 bee-utiful honey bees arrive at the farm...

Building permit approved…full steam ahead!

Construction worker bees building our new wineshop & cellar... 

Our new wine labels inspiring flooring & design…

Shipping cases to BC customers shopping our new online store...

Latest preview of our new wineshop & cellar under construction…before the big reveal!

Latest preview of our new wineshop & cellar under construction…before the big reveal!

Join Us For A Winter Celebration

& Wine Open House

Visit our New Modern Artisan Farm Location

3975 June Springs Road, SE Kelowna 

December 14th and 15th, 2013 

10 am to 5 pm 

Sample our new wine releases, tour the grounds and see what's coming in the Spring while shopping for hand crafted bees wax candles, honey and gifts for the holidays. 

Award Winning Meadery Moves To Kelowna


Meadow Vista Honey Wines, North America's premier meadery and premium sparkling honey wine pioneer, is moving to Kelowna.

"I am joyful about finding the perfect location for Meadow Vista's modern artisan farm. The location on June Springs road is perfect for us and with over five acres of land, there will be plenty of room for expansion, both for the winery and the bees,"      Judie Barta, Queen Bee of Meadow Vista Honey Wines.


Meadow Vista Honey Wines has been making hand crafted honey wines since early 2009. Their mission is to empower people to make healthy choices that taste incredibly good by creating exquisite honey-based products in harmony with nature. They have been recognized both nationally and internationally with awards such as Best Winery at Winefest Calgary and Winefest Edmonton, and Gold at the Mazer Cup in Boulder, CO.

The new plans call for a large cellar, a gravity fed honey production facility, a tasting room and a storefront for purchasing wines and other bee-inspired products. The farm presently has half an acre of blackberries that will be used in a special wine to be released next year. The first stage of the landscape includes an edible flower garden, which will be a great place for bees as well as a new colorful offering for local restaurants and eco-foodies. Construction is expected to be completed by December 2013.

"Our business and products are based on sustainability and educating people on what is happening in the world of honeybees," explained Barta. "Honeybees are facing mass die offs due to mites and CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder. CCD is when entire colonies disappear. As of yet, we do not know how to stop these things from happening. We hope to raise awareness about how to best support honeybees, beekeepers and scientific research. Without bees to pollinate our crops, the world is in big trouble."

Meadow Vista Honey Wines can be purchased at our online shop, select Cold Beer and Wine Stores in BC and Alberta or call 1.250.862.2337.