Bottles of Joy


Joy is our methode traditionelle  honey wine that is beverage eco-concious champagne drinkers choose to celebrate their special occasions. We sold out of Joy a few months ago but a new batch is on the way! This weekend we put the new Joy into bottles to undergo its second fermentation-this is what makes it bubbly and give it the flavour that has become so popular. 

The wine will remain in the bottles in the Cellar for several months, watched carefully by our Winemaker to ensure the process is going as planned. Once this is complete the final stages of the process will occur to ensure the clarity and flavour we desire. The finishing closures will be put on and it will then be ready to drink! This process is time consuming and labour intensive so we can only make a limited amount of Joy every year. This batch will be ready this Fall, just in time for Christmas and New Years!

Joy is perfect for celebrating holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and of course, weddings! The term "Honeymoon" refers to the ancient times when a new couple was given mead to enjoy together on their wedding night, making honey wine an excellent beverage to toast to a new couple.

Do you love Joy and want to be sure you get some of this latest batch? Do you want to include Joy in a celebration this winter? We are taking a limited amount of pre-release sales for cases of Joy, if you want to be sure you get some fill out the online request or contact us at or 250.862.2337.