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What is Honey Wine?

Honey wine, or Mead, is an alcoholic beverage made using honey. Yeast eats sugar and the bi-product is alcohol, different alcohols are made by using different sugars. Grape wines use the sugars in grape juice, we use the sugars in honey. 

So there aren't any grapes in your wines?

There are only grapes in Ostara and Field White, our pyment style wines. The other wines have no grapes in them.

What goes into making honey wine besides honey?

We make our wine by combining reverse osmosis water, honey and yeast in stainless steel tanks. During the wine making process, we may add fruit(s) and/or spices to create different styles.

Where can I buy your wines?

Our wines are available at the Winery in SE Kelowna as well as at several liquor stores throughout BC and Alberta. See Where to Buy for an updated list of stores we are sold at.

We also ship our wines! Visit the Shop to buy online. We are only able to ship within BC through the website, if you are out of province call or email us and we will take care of your order.

What do Honey Wines go with?

We pair our honey wines with foods just as you would grape wine. Cloud Horse one best oyster pairing at the Osoyoos Oysters Fest. We love oysters-check out our Joy-sters launch events as each unique batch of Joy is released. 

Cloud Horse pairs well with chicken salad sandwiches, Indian dishes & seafood

Mabon pairs well with lamb, traditional turkey dinner, & Caesar salad.

Rubus pairs well with tomato based dishes & beef.

Ostara pairs well with strong cheeses, stone fruit & white chocolate.

Bliss Cherry pairs well with grilled meats, fresh fruit salad & brunch.

Bliss Apple pairs with smoked chicken & coleslaw, apple pie or in a mason jar filled with ice.

Are all your wines really sweet?

A common assumption is that honey wines must be sweet, but that isn't the case. While we do have some sweeter wines such as Ostara and Bliss, we do have wines on the drier side as well. Cloud Horse is quite dry and although it is a dessert wine, Libra is light and delicate.

What would they be on the sweetness scale?

Cloud Horse: 1-2, Off dry

Joy: 1-2, Off dry

Rubus: 1-2, Off dry

Mabon: 2-3, Medium

Bliss Cherry: 2-,. Medium

Bliss Apple: 2-3, Medium

Ostara 5-6, Sweet.

For more information see The BC Liquor Store Scale

Where do you get your honey from?

Everything that goes into our wines is from Beautiful British Columbia. We try to source everything as locally as possible including our honey. We have sixty hives of bees but we also get honey from a local supplier.

What do you mean by "Blueberry Honey"?

Our honey is labelled Blueberry Honey because the bees were pollinating blueberry fields. Different plant nectars produce different honey flavours, blueberry honey has a mild flavour and it is what we use to make our wines. Buckwheat honey has a stronger flavour and is dark in colour while Orange Blossom honey has a slightly citrus flavour.

Where does the fruit in your wines come from?

Everything that goes into our wines comes from the beautiful province of British Columbia. We source our fruit as locally as possible with much of it coming from the Okanagan Valley. Grapes come from local wineries, cherries are an Okanagan blend and the apples come from an organic orchard in Vernon.

How long is the fermentation period?

The fermentation period varies depending on the wine. Typically we ferment for 6-8 weeks. Joy, our sparkling methode traditionelle wine takes the longest-it is first fermented in tanks and then bottled with a crown cap to undergo a secondary fermentation while in the bottle (the same process as champagne).  We let it rest for 6+ months to reach the finish that represents Joy.

What is the shelf life of the wines?

The shelf life of honey wines is similar to that of grape wines. They can be cellared for several years to develop deeper flavours. Our dessert wine Libra has been in the bottle for five years and we find people really like the aged flavour. 

Are there any health benefits to drinking mead vs grape wine?

We like to think so! Mead still contains alcohol and sulfites, which may be undesirable for some diets. There are no added sugars, colours, natural or synthetic flavourings so it is a healthier drinking option. 

How does drinking honey wines support the bee population and its dwindling numbers?

By drinking mead you are supporting the bee keeping industry that supports the pollination of Canadian crops. Bee pollination equates to better fruits and flowers "Lack of bees for pollination can mean a loss for the farmer of maybe 75 percent of the crop " (Bradbear, 2009).

Is honey wine fundamentally different than grape wine?

Fundamentally, honey wine and grape wine are the same, they share the same process. The difference is the ingredients.

Can I bring my dog up to the winery with me?

While we are all dog lovers, we don't allow dogs at the winery- we do have a winery dog Phoebe who would love your attention! Registered Service Dogs are always welcome.

Are you open year-round?

Yes! The Wine Shop and Tasting Room are open year round, but we do close for a few weeks at Christmas. See the Calendar for dates.