Spiced Sparkling Apple Bliss

We love finding new honey products in the market and are thrilled to share our new find! Krupnik from Wayward Distilling on Vancouver Island is a yummy honey-base hard alcohol with just a hint of spice. Try this festive cocktail that we created with our Bliss Sparkling Apple Cyser.


  • 1 bottle Bliss Sparkling Apple Cyser

  • 3 oz Wayward Distilling "Krupnik" Spiced Honey Liqueur

Fill a tall glass with ice

Add 1oz Krupnik

Top with Bliss Sparkling Apple Cyser

Stir to incorporate flavours

Garnish with a slice of apple or a cinnamon stick

To order Krupnik: http://www.waywarddistillationhouse.com

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