For the harmony of sustainable wine-making, farm fresh ingredients + protecting the honey bees...

Meadow Vista Honey Wines is located in Kelowna, BC on a five and a half acre farm, nestled amongst the orchards of East Kelowna. In partnership with our beekeeper, the farm is home to 110 hives of hardworking honeybees. The hives spend time on our Farm as well as other local farms, providing important local pollination while gathering sweet nectar to make honey.

At Meadow Vista Honey Wines we produce seven different meads (honey wines) using BC ingredients including local honey, apples, cherries and blackberries.  Our portfolio includes Bliss Sparkling Cherry, Bliss Sparkling Apple Cyser, Cloud Horse, Mabon, Rubus and Ostara with plans to add new and exciting products in the future.

We’ve been told that Meadow Vista Honey Wines taste “like nature in a glass”, and we couldn’t agree more. We are proud to offer a fresh spin on food & wine pairings for Master Chefs, Sommeliers, Foodies and Home Cooks with our award-winning honey wines.

 "Meadow Vista Honey Wines has already grabbed the attention of wine and mead judges in Canada and the US."

The Vancouver Sun

Mead 101

Honey Wine, also known as mead is richly steeped in history. It is reported to be the oldest fermented beverage on the planet, predating beer and wine by thousands of years. Recently, mead has experienced a resurgence in popularity as consumers look for more local, eco-conscious beverages.

Mead is made from honey and water that is fermented together, creating an alcoholic beverage with endless possibilities and without the need for many additives. Meadow Vista ferments all of our meads in stainless steel, giving them a clean crisp flavour. After 6-8 weeks in tank, we are ready to bottle and sell our product-at this time we do not barrel age anything.

As mead has no varietals like you find in grape wines, mead is categorized in styles, which refers to the ingredients used. These style names are historical. At Meadow Vista we create six different style: Traditional: Just Honey and Water (Cloud Horse), Cyser: Mead with Apples (Bliss Sparkling Apple Cyser), Melomel Style: Mead with Other Fruits (Bliss Sparkling Cherry and Rubus), Pyment Style: Mead with Grapes (Ostara), Metheglin Style: Mead with Spices (Mabon) and our newest release Braggot: Mead with Hops and Malt (Pictish Beast).

There are numerous other styles of mead out there and we look forward to the possibility of trying them out in the future!

By using honey instead of grapes, we are able to produce year-round and thus we produce seasonal, smaller batches throughout the year. As a result at Meadow Vista we do not vintage date our products, instead we use seasonal batch dates to denote when each wine was started.

One of the most common misconceptions about mead is that is all going to be very sweet. While there are some meads out there that border on syrupy, we aim to produce a lighter product that can be enjoyed more like a grape wine. At Meadow Vista, we produce mostly off-dry wines that make great afternoon sippers and are perfect for pairing with meals.