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Owners Emily and Electra

Owners Emily and Electra


Bring the "taste of nature in a glass" to your store or restaurant, please contact our Sales Team


Emily and Electra, sisters and co-owners of Meadow Vista are thrilled to join the team at Meadow Vista. Since joining the Winery in 2016, Emily has spent many the hour and kilometre getting to know the store managers, staff and community in the Territories with Electra supporting through events and tastings. "The best product will only gain traction in the market place with the best sales support", and that is our promise to you. Thank you to all of the stores carrying Meadow Vista Honey Wines since 2009 and the new customers that have joined the Meadow Vista Family. It is with a big smile that we welcome new stores and restaurants; if we have not yet stopped in, please do not hesitate in calling or emailing, we would love to hear from you!

To find stores that are carrying Meadow Vista Honey Wines,  click bee joyful...

Bee joyful...

Emily & Electra

Emily Vanderschee Electra Logan
Owner & Director of Sales Owner & Director of Operations
250-862-2337 250-862-2337

In the territories of the Vancouver-Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Sea to Sky corridor, Meadow Vista Honey Wines is represented by Touchstone Brands

Ceri Cornwall-Lower Mainland

In the territory of Vancouver Island, BC. Meadow Vista Honey Wines is represented by Hops and Vine Consulting.

David Murney

Nikki Beach

In the territories of the Thompson-Okanagan, Kootenays and Northern BC, Meadow Vista Honey Wines is represented by pH Wine Agency.

Patricia Husk

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