Meet Judie Barta, Queen Bee 

Judie Barta is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker & honey bee advocate with over 20 years of experience in the wellness, food & wine industries. 

In 2009 she founded Meadow Vista Honey Wines taking an entire category of wines (mead/fruit wines) and giving them a fresh look with a modern taste profile that appeals to contemporary wine drinkers and eco-foodies. 

Since then she's led Meadow Vista Honey Wines to become the Okanagan's premier meadery making Canada's first sparkling honey wine and redefined an ancient beverage with an award winning portfolio of honey wines selling in over 50 locations across Canada. 

She's led Meadow Vista to win over a dozen awards and made history in 2010 as the first honey wine producer to win Best Winery of The Year at Wine Fest Edmonton and Wine Fest Calgary and again in 2014 as Ostara was the first honey wine to win a Gold Medal at the BC Wine Awards.

Judie regularly teaches and speaks for schools, corporations, restaurants and at culinary, wine and wellness events such as the Okanagan Institute Culinaria and BC Honey Producers.   

As a honey bee advocate Judie believes in promoting conservation and sustainable bee-keeping through education to eliminate the use of harmful agricultural pesticides causing what scientists call, "Colony Collapse Disorder" in honey bees. Her motto:

"Bee joyful."

In 2013 she made her vision of building a modern artisan farm for Meadow Vista a reality. Meadow Vista Artisan Farm Winery officially opened it's doors February 20, 2014. Come visit the spa-inspired cellar, meet the bees and taste our award-winning honey wines.  Sign up for The Buzz, our e- newsletter for updates about farm happenings,  wine tastings and special events.